Skin & Hair Tips from Freelance Makeup Artist In Delhi

Skin & Hair Tips from a Freelance Makeup Artist In Delhi. At HOLI is a celebration of Colors and Love! Individuals go through the day spreading hued powder and tossing hued water at one another. You can’t keep away from such excellent tones, gatherings and fun! Can you?, Everyone loves watching those brilliant glad faces however the day’s end, we are left with messy nails, wrecked skin, harsh hair and numerous breakouts!

Try not to stress! The following are some valuable tips for when Holi that will assist you with shielding your hair and skin from the tones.

Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi

Skin health management TIPS – BEFORE HOLI

It is consistently prudent to play Holi with regular/home grown or hand crafted colors like you can make a yellow tone by blending Turmeric powder and corn flour. Else purchase tones from great brands with every single characteristic fixing.

Say No – No any sort of magnificence treatment like facial, blanching, waxing before Holi in light of the fact that these techniques leave the skin pores open which is totally unsafe to your skin. Why? During Holi, all the tones can undoubtedly saturate your pores.

Ensure you wear something that covers your body however much as could reasonably be expected so that there will be less of skin uncovered. Along these lines, less zone to eliminate shading from!!

The solid synthetic substances in the shadings leave your skin dry, so a thick utilization of cream on your skin (whole body) is vital before you leave to play Holi. Spoil your skin with heaps of cream (Coconut based lotions are great for your skin) or coconut. This will help you in shielding from the quick impact of unsafe synthetic compounds of shadings. Additionally, this will help in eliminating shading from your skin all the more without any problem. You can utilize a thick layer of oil jam also.

Remember to apply sunscreen cream before you venture out to play Holi. Additionally, deal with your Lips by applying a lot of lip analgesic (ideally the one contains SPF) prior to joining the play of shadings.

Trim your hands and feet nails appropriately and paint them with any dim nail clean. Remember to put petrol jam around the fingernail skin. Eliminate nail clean once you are home. This won’t let any shading buildup on your nails.

Healthy skin TIPS – AFTER HOLI(Freelance Makeup Artist In Delhi

Clean up with the goal that the shadings fall off from your skin without any problem. Try not to clean up in steaming hot water, as this will make your skin drier. Shower in tepid water is suggested. After a shower, make a point to apply a lot of lotions to keep the skin from dryness.

Wash your face with face wash to wash off the tones from your face and afterward apply some Aloe Vera gel all over, which will loosen up your skin from any cruel impacts of synthetics in the tone.

Try not to freeze, if a few tones don’t come out. The shading will disappear with each wash.

You can rub some coconut or olive oil on your skin to dispose of dry tones. For wet tones, you can rub lemon cuts over your skin. Whatever technique you use, make a point to apply a lot of lotion after wash to keep your skin from any sort of bothering or dryness.

Never rub your face overwhelmingly with cleanser, as it will make your skin totally dry. All things considered, utilize a purifying milk or mellow face wash to eliminate the tone from your face.


Ensure you tie up your hair while playing Holi as open hair will in general knot and harm your hair much more. Holi implies more fun!! Try not to go for any exhausting hairdos rather make some trendy haircut like side plait, high bun.

To shield your hair from the synthetics of tones and unforgiving water, knead your hair with heaps of coconut oil before you play Holi. The coconut oil goes about as an obstruction and keeps tones from coming into direct contact with your hair and its underlying foundations. That implies less hair harms.

You can likewise wear any cap or turban to shield your hair from direct contact with colors.


Right off the bat, wash your hair with plain lukewarm water so the majority of the shading falls off. You can cleanse your hair with a mellow cleanser subsequently. Try not to stress, on the off chance that you actually see tone on your scalp. Try not to wash your hair over and over as it will make your hair drier. The shading will blur step by step. Being a one of top freelance makeup artist in Delhi I suggest using natural cleaning shampoo after holi Celebration

On the off chance that your hair gets dry, apply a lot of Coconut oil and leave it like that for overnight. Wash your hair next morning with a mellow cleanser. The coconut oil is exceptionally light that a solitary wash with cleanser will eliminate all the tones from your hair. You may likewise condition your hair after cleanser

P.S-Don’t wear contact focal points, wear specs all things considered. Likewise, use conceals/shades to secure your eyes.

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