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When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.

freelance makeup artist in delhi

Makeup is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Sabinaa Shafi is a renowned makeup artist in Delhi, filled with creativity. Sabinaa is well known for her exceptional Bridal Makeup talents. She strongly believes that makeup is one of the most impactful ways to express yourself. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different and individual to them, whether that is all-natural or full glamour.

Each and every application is specifically tailored to that person’s personality, image, skin type, and style. She thrives on my clients feeling as beautiful and unique on the outside as they do on the inside. Each element should be synergistic to create a unique portrait of total beauty and great style.

Sabinaa is a full-time freelance makeup artist in Delhi that works year-round creating countless Bridal looks, Specializing in fresh, glowing skin and eyes that command attention. She has mastered the art of enhancing a woman’s natural beauty.

She has done her professional make-up artistry from some of the foremost schools in London. She is trained in Airbrush by world-renowned TEMPTU. It is not just about the makeup! She conceptualizes the complete look, helping the bride to select the dress, and definitely designs the flawless look for the woman. Each of her brides looks different as she works in retaining her individuality, highlighting her attractive features and hiding imperfections. The stunning and fab work which is done by her is highly renowned. She is one of the top freelance makeup artists in Delhi.

Sabinaa loves using her passion for makeup artistry to cause ladies to feel their best. Sabinaa invests wholeheartedly in working with ladies and making them feel stunning on their wedding day. To her, being an aspect of individuals’ most exceptional occasions in their lives is the most fulfilling. Sabinaa client overwhelmed by her work, Her exceptional work is recalled by her client.

Many women consider their wedding the most important day of their lives and you should too. You’ll have your wedding photos forever, a polished yet natural face is one you’ll always look back on without any regrets! She is best known for collaborating with her clients, meticulously interpreting their vision, and bringing that vision to life

What We Do

Creating a beautiful timeless looks for brides is what my passion about I love to look them happy. Having a years of experience in this field as a freelance makeup artist in Delhi.

Why We Do

Sabinaa has learnt to bring out the best in women’s beauty, working since so long Sabinaa has developed a unique style of her own to make her client happy, which gives pleasant vibe to her inner soul.

Love Your Look

Beauty is all about your inner happiness, makeup is just a catalyst which helps to glorifies that face to an extreme and this work is done by best makeup artist in Delhi.

Impress Everyone

The makeup plays one of the major role in wedding or in an event when makeup is applied on face it immensely glows it and also in the event where guest is focused to look bride then you must wear a good makeup.



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Book an appointment with the top makeup artist in delhi and give yourself a chance to look like the brightest star on your special day.

There are numerous things to stress over on your wedding day…how your cosmetics will look, who is applying it, will it last and other magnificence related inquiries shouldn’t be on the rundown. Makeup is one part that will stand the trial of time in your photographs from the most significant day of your life. It is significant that an expert is applying it.

We’ve experienced broad preparation and instruction to ensure that the best hues and items are utilized to suit your skin type, tone, and inclinations. It is really an extravagance administration that has never been lamented by any of our customers.