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Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Who would not like to look faultless on her promising day of the wedding? It's your enormous day and you are venturing ahead to be a lady. Who would not like to praised by guests, that you looking so gorgeous, That is the best blessing on your wedding; and I, Sabinaa Safi, as the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi, She is Premium Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Sabinaa Shafi

Best Bridal Makeup Artist in delhi

Bridal Makeup is an important part of your wedding preparation and girls always try to pick the best bridal makeup artist for their wedding makeup. Your Wedding day is not just any other day, it's a memory for a lifetime. With years of experience in the Makeup industry as the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Sabinaa Safi is here for you as a bridal makeup artist From Delhi On the occasion of the wedding, I select only the most professional and dependable makeup products. My old experience in the field of makeup industry helps me make the bride’s special day more memorable and amazing. The reflection of the wonderful work is clear, without any change in our trained makeup team. That’s very important to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You don’t need to worry about convenience we want you to feel comfortable, we will bring the studio to your place.

There are numerous things to stress over on your wedding day…how your cosmetics will look, who is applying it, will it last and other magnificence related inquiries shouldn’t be on the rundown. Makeup is one part that will stand the trial of time in your photographs from the most significant day of your life. It is significant that an expert is applying it.

We’ve experienced broad preparation and instruction to ensure that the best hues and items are utilized to suit your skin type, tone, and inclinations. It is really an extravagance administration that has never been lamented by any of our customers.

Yes The specific charge, along with travel and hotel accommodations,, will be based on your particular area and can be discussed at your time of booking. Reach us with any inquiries you may have in regards to the accommodation charge.

Yes, Makeup Artist Sabinaa Safi is specialized in Airbrush. The Airbrush service is totally optional, it is on-demand, and do have extra charges.

All bridal packages include hairstyling, makeup draping, eyelashes, and jewelry setting.

That is up to the bride! In the event that you decide to have a makeup artist with you after the time it takes to prepare you and your gathering, they can be reserved hourly for final details. In the event that you’d favor the makeup artist remains accessible for the whole time of your wedding, they will be glad to examine their day rate with you. This helps set the bride straight, being sure that her cosmetics will remain the fresh it very well may be all through the whole occasion.

No we don’t provide any kind of trial service.

Yes, we take advance booking payment which includes in whole package.


Book an appointment with the top makeup artist in delhi and give yourself a chance to look like the brightest star on your special day.

Since it is a day that comes once in our lives, I need you to have the big day look you had always wanted that will leave other people shocked by your magnificence. My responsibility is to give you excellent emerging makeup so you look and feel your best. With long stretches of involvement with Makeup art, I have discovered approaches to draw out the quintessential strong and lovely lady of the hour in you. I trust in giving a new look to the bride to feel great in her own skin instead of giving her a fake plastic look. The new section of your life should begin with a wonderful and certain YOU. Having lots of experience as a bridal makeup artist in Delhi, I can say that this my forte

My whole bundle of wedding makeup will include Makeup, Hairstyling, And Draping. I give on-schedule and on-setting services and work intently and carefully with the bride to make her the most staggering lady ever. I have confidence in customizing the whole cycle and consider the lady’s desire and suggestion while doing her makeup and hairdo. My upbeat customers have consistently recognized me as innovative, energetic, and alluring. Putting quality over amount, it has consistently been my obsession to bring to the table phenomenal service that set my customers straight, while having a first-class insight. I have an immense arrive at all around as the Professional Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi. 

I invest wholeheartedly in my work by utilizing excellent items for every Bridal Makeup, generally the very good quality brands. Preliminaries are accommodated by the marriage service to ensure that you appreciate the wedding festivities without any second thoughts. Furthermore, legitimate cleanliness and sanitization techniques are embraced all through the administration in light of the fact that these are the fundamental things I can never settle on. I have various bundles to bring to the table according to your benefit: 

Premium Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

From the choice of the bride to the conventional and present-day bride, it’s your decision and I’m available to you to give you that dynamic look. From magnificent brilliance to complex elegance, customized marriage looks can be arranged and idealized to coordinate your wedding subject and setting. I ensure an ideal makeover to add a try to please eminence with an incredible dash of the reddening, the concealer for your face, featuring your excellent highlights, and giving an ideal portion of shadings for your eyes and nails. She Serves a lot as a Premium Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Wedding HD Makeup

On the off chance that you need a heavenly marriage look, you should go for Bridal High Definition makeup. This makeup method improves your best highlights while disguising your defects against the measure of surface and volume that can be caught by HD camera focal points utilized by wedding picture takers. HD makeup has silicon, light-reflecting particles that give a mattifying impact. It gives a fine, sheen cover to your skin and shrouds any indications of skin break out, wrinkles, or facial imperfections. It is the most ideal decision to get a characteristic, non-cakey, and delicate faultless wedding look. Sabinaa Has years of experience in HD makeup so for that she is top bridal makeup artist in Delhi

Airbrush Makeup Artist in Delhi

Wedding Airbrush Bridal Makeup artist In Delhi requires a unique implement brush to apply an endless supply of light makeup. The fluid establishment is splashed on the face that blends well in with the skin giving a perfect tone that looks totally genuine and enrapturing. Since a large portion of the items utilized in this procedure is silicon-based, these makeup remain for a more extended timeframe. It is an aid for the ladies with sleek skin who are incredulous about the results of makeup on their skin. Enhance with Photoshop makeup items are water safe than some other type of makeup.

Wedding Hair Styling

Everything from free streaming twists, pretty buns, to complex interlacing, you will get the best haircut to suit your big day look. You simply should be prepared to make enchantment on your big day.

Your wedding isn’t only some other common day; it’s a memory for a lifetime. I guarantee you that sentimentality will strike at you at whatever point you return to the memory paths of your marriage in the photographs and be hypnotized with the manner in which you looked on that extraordinary day. Sabinaa is a top freelance makeup artist in Delhi who provides top hairstyles in wedding events.

I love making special looks that radiate the ladies’ interests and character. At the point when you think about Bridal Makeup artist in Delhi, you will discover us with truly moderate valuing. Presumably, it is basic to pick the best while guaranteeing that you look perfect on your big day.

Your big day is perhaps the most exceptional days in your day to day existence. This is the day where everything must be great! On this unique day, the one individual who is continually close by alongside your family is your expert marriage makeup artist. They are the ones who will be there on the morning of your wedding and before the entirety of your pre-wedding capacities, so you need to pick the correct ones!

Our wedding makeup venture doesn’t start on the occasion day however the day of your booking. Your wedding makeup preliminary will decide the sorts of looks that you need, understanding your skin type and furthermore planning your total magnificence look. Being outstanding amongst other Bridal makeup artist in Delhi just as the nation over has its advantages! We love our ladies. We need you’ll to unwind and simply make the most of your wedding makeup! With particles of involvement with regards to proficient marriage Makeup we make your fantasy look work out.